Feiliang Ren
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Feiliang Ren (ÈηÉÁÁ)
Ph.D. Student

Natural Language Processing Lab
Institute of Computer Software and Theory
College of Information Science and Engineering
Northeastern University
ShenYang, P.R.China



Example-Based Machine Translation(EBMT)
Statistical Machine Translation(SMT)
Translation Memory(TM)
Coreference Resolution

Publication List


Feiliang Ren,Jingbo Zhu, Huizhen Wang and Tong Xiao.An Effective Hybrid Approach for Coreference Resolution. the International Journal of Computer Processing of Oriental Languages(IJCPOL). Vol 21 No 1, April 2008. To appear.

Feiliang Ren,Jingbo Zhu.An Effective Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Coreference Resolution. The Sixth SIGHAN Workshop in the 3rd International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing. January 7-12, 2008 Hyerabad, India, pp24-30.


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Feiliang Ren. Northeastern University SSMT2007 System Description.the 3rd Symposium on Statistical Machine Translation(China). pp149-152

• Hailei Zhang, Feifei Cao, Wenliang Chen, Feiliang Ren, Huizhen Wang, Jingbo Zhu. Chinese Entity Mention detection based on multi-level Feature Combination(in Chinese). The 9th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics. 2007. pp485-490


Feiliang Ren£¬Tianshun Yao. Make Word Sense Disambiguation in EBMT Practical. The 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Language,Information and Computation.pp414-417.

Feiliang Ren£¬Tianshun Yao. Remove Redundancy Samples for SVM in A Chinese Word Segmenation Task. Journal of Communication and Computer (USA). 2006. Vol.3£¬ No.5. pp103-107

Feiliang Ren, Shaoming Liu. Building Translation Memory System by N-gram. The 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation. pp452-458.


Feiliang Ren£¬Lei Shi, Tianshun Yao. A Dynamic Weighted Method with Support Vector Machines for Chinese Word Segmentation. Proceedings of 2005 IEEE International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering. pp366-370

Feiliang Ren£¬Lei Shi, Tianshun Yao. Chinese Word Segmentation With SVM (in Chinese). The 8th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics. 2005. pp46-52


• Hongling Wu, Xueqiang LV, Feiliang Ren, Tianshun Yao. Word Alignment Based on Corpora Using MIM(in Chinese). Mini-Micro Systems. 2004.


Feiliang Ren£¬Xueqiang LV, Hongling Wu, Tianshun Yao. Acquirement of Anchor Word Candidate Set Based on Statistical Approach(in Chinese). Computer Engineering and Application.Vol39. pp55-57

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Evaluation Projects Participated

• Participated in the ACE2007 Chinese EDR task and won the second (2007).

• Participated in the Machine Translation Evaluation Project in the 3rd Symposium on Statistical Machine Translation(SSMT2007,China), and got the 5th rank for English-to-Chinese Limited MT Evaluation, and got the 7th rank for Chinese-to-English Limited MT Evaluation (2007).


Human Aid Machine Translation Systems

     JuBa Series (tools that help you look up some useful sentences from database):        English-Chinese version, Japanese-Chinese version, Japanese-English version.

     TransFeeling Series (a series of TM Systems): English-Chinese version,
     Japanese-Chinese version, Japanese-English version.

Automatic Machine Translation Systems

      EC_EBMT toolkits


2005.11-2006.10, worked in FujiXerox Co., Ltd. under the 8th Visiting Fellowship Program. (º†…g¤ÊÈÕ±¾ÕZ¤¬¤Ç¤­¤ë^_^)


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